Exposition: Loose Sand (13-22 oktober 2022)

Exposition: Infinite hammering... (2009)

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CODA Museum / van Reekum vitrine Prinsenhof Museum / Vermeerkamer

Fragment from the essay Infinite hammering … by Monique Mokveld

…….Together with Marion Herbst, Laura's tutor Onno Boekhoudt was one of the driving forces behind the Bond voor Oproerige Edelsmeden, (Society of Rebellious Goldsmiths), the BOE group, which was founded in 1974. The five founders, four jewellery designers and one sculptor, propagated more intractability, more individuality and more creativity on the part of both the creator and the wearer of jewellery. This call for more freedom materialized in the presenta­tion of a number of BOE-boxes, most of which ended up in museum collecti­ons or in the hands of private collectors. Years later (in 1988) three ‘forgotten’ BOE-boxes surfaced. “We were so excited when these boxes turned up in the cellar of galerie Neon in Belgium! We (Laura and partner Ger Boekestein) have kept one closed box with the idea of opening it one day for a special oc­casion. Although they were not all identical, we did have an idea of its possible contents.

And  that special moment arrived in 2009: this BOE-box was ceremo­nially opened during the opening of the exhibition series, organized in the Apeldoorn CODA Museum on the occasion of Laura’s 25th anniversary as a jewellery designer ……


2005   july   -‘ L’Or, bijoux d’Europe’, Maison des Métiers d’Art, Pézenas, Fr.

            sept. - ‘Automne’, (solo) gallery Vis-à-Vis, Chalon, Fr. 

2007   june   - ‘Inspiraties van generaties’, on 4 locations in Schoonhoven.

2008   nov.  - ‘Herinner-ring’, galerie Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede.

2009   jan.   - ‘Culturele supermarkt’, icw galerie Lous Martin.

           febr.  - ‘Infinite hammering...’, (solo) 25-years review CODAmuseum, Apeldoorn.    

                    - ‘The circle is round...’, (solo) new work, gallery Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede.

                    - ‘Herinner-ring’,tournee gallery Castle Yard, Kilkenny, Ierland.

           april  - ‘Black & Gold’, galerie Guthschmidt, Den Haag.

           may  - ‘Infinite hammering..’, (solo) 25-years review, museum Het Prinsenhof,  Delft.

                   - ‘The circle is round...’, (solo) new work, galerie Lous Martin, Delft.

                   - ‘Herinner-ring’, tournee galerie Cebra, Düsseldorf, Duitsland

           aug.  - ‘Cine-Pause’, filmfestival, Donzy-le-National, Frankrijk. 
                       Showing of the documentairy Marteler inlassablement... in French with mini expo.

           sept. - ‘Herinner-ring’, tournee gal.SandströmdeWit, Linköping, Zweden.